Paradise or Pit...

A proposed exploratory mining lease is currently being considered by the Federal Government that threatens vital rainforest habitat on Christmas Island.

BirdLife Australia is calling on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to commit to safeguarding this unique rainforest habitat by ending mining on Christmas Island for good.


The Galapagos of the Indian Ocean


Christmas Island is home to one of Australia's most unique ecosystems with 254 taxa found nowhere else, including 5 endemic bird species. The world-famous red crab migration, that David Attenborough rates in his top 10 wildlife experiences, occurs each year between October and December. Along with the amazing bird and animal life, Christmas Island boasts world class diving and top rated tropical beaches.


A Birder's Paradise


Twenty three resident or breeding bird species (9 species of seabirds, 14 species of land birds) call the island home. The island provides the only nesting sites for two of the worlds' rarest seabirds, the Abbott's Booby and the Christmas Island Frigatebird. Both species require the tall rainforest canopy to breed, nest and raise their young. With low breeding success rates, any disturbances to the rainforest canopy could be catastrophic for these species and make protecting the remaining habitat all the more vital.


Paradise Lost?

Christmas Island has already lost 80% of it's native mammals and reptiles to extinction and is the last refuge for the Abbott's Booby and Christmas Island Frigatebird.

If approved, the mining lease will set in train the destruction of critical nesting sites that species like the Abbott's Booby rely on. Any disturbance to the rainforest canopy will lead to increased wind turbulence, threaten chicks and nests and open new tracts for the spread of invasive species. Help us ensure the birds of Christmas Island do not meet the same fate as the Island's reptiles and mammals.