Black-Throated Finch

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A small and handsome little bird, the Black-Throated Finch now only occurs in Queensland after losing all other suitable habitat. There are only two known strongholds of Black-Throated Finch left in the world. Galilee Basin supports the largest population of Southern Black-throated Finches in Australia. The site provides a large area of habitat of exceptional quality for the Black-Throated Finch – intact woodlands, historically light livestock grazing, woodlands and high grass diversity.

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The Black-throated Finch is already at high risk of extinction. It is listed as Endangered under both national and Queensland laws. It is presumed extinct in NSW. With at least six large open-cut coal mines planned for the Galilee Basin, virtually the entire area available for offsets is subject to mineral exploration licenses.

The recent report released by the Black-Throated Finch Recovery Team revealed that if Adani's Carmichael mine goes ahead as planned, it will likely cause this species to plummet towards extinction. Adani’s proposed Carmichael mine encompasses most of the best remaining habitat for the Endangered Black-Throated Finch and a significant proportion of the largest known surviving population. 

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BirdLife Australia is calling on Federal Environment Minister, Josh Frydenberg, to act on the recommendations of the Recovery Team and to uphold his responsibility to safeguard critical habitat for the Black-Throated Finch to ensure its long-term survival.


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Photo credit: Stanley Tang