A Valley of Hope

Australia must act now to protect Regent Honeyeater foraging and breeding habitat.

Action Alert: Call on the Australian and NSW Governments to protect known Regent Honeyeater breeding habitat.

A proposal to raise the Warragamba Dam in the Blue Mountains just west of Sydney threatens to flood a newly found breeding area of Critically Endangered Regent Honeyeaters. 

In October, the NSW Parliament passed a bill that will allow for the inundation of National Parks resulting from the raising of the wall of the Warragamba Dam by 14 metres. 

The dam raising proposal moves one step closer to approval, but both the NSW and Australian Governments have the power to stop it. 

Petition: Sign our petition calling on the Australian Minister of Environment and NSW Premier and State Ministers of Environment and Planning to stop the Warragamba Dam raising proposal.

Regent Honeyeater and juvs 21-11-2017 (Bogee, Capertee Valley) Mick Roderick.jpg
Image (C) Dean Ingwersen

Image (C) Dean Ingwersen

A species on the brink…

Regent Honeyeaters are one of Australia’s most threatened birds with a current population estimate of about 400 individuals.

Over the past 30 years their population has been reduced by 80% through the direct and indirect impacts from habitat loss and degradation. The removal of foraging and nesting habitat has been extensive and has reduced the available habitat to small and isolated remnants.

In 2017, seven breeding pairs of Regent Honeyeaters were found in the Burragorang Valley, including within the inundation zone of the Warragamba Dam proposal. The discovery of breeding Regents in the Burragorang Valley was exciting as there are only a handful of known breeding sites, primarily in New South Wales and a few locations in north-eastern Victoria.

Pressures at these remaining breeding sites put further strain on the species as they compete with aggressive native species for food resources and nesting locations and are at risk of rapid mortality from random events such as wildfire.

The conservation and proper management of the remaining foraging and breeding habitat for Regent Honeyeaters is crucial for the species survival.

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Will you give your voice to Regent Honeyeaters?

Critically Endangered Regent Honeyeaters nests were recently found in the Burragorang Valley. #AValleyofHope could soon be flooded by the raising of #WarragambaDam. @sussanley & @GladysB you must protect these Aussie icons! Add your voice: bit.ly/valleyofhope @BirdLifeOz


Banner images from top (c) WikiCommons - PopeJon2 (Burragorang Lookout), Mick Roderick (Regent Honeyeater and two juveniles), Andrew Silcocks (Regent Honeyeater)